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Step into the world of business future and discover the unprecedented possibilities of innovative and easy-to-use business designed just for you.
Imagine having an E-archive or all documentation in electronic form on a click, receiving and creating invoices, generating mandatory forms (VAT, IOPPD, etc.) and at all times, no matter where you are, you are informed about your financial status and success.
Your cloud office.

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Cloud office

Today, it is unthinkable to live without internet, smartphones, tablets and computers,     tomorrow it will be unthinkable to work without our Proventum online web office.

A program that allows you to register a new business in just a few clicks, generating all the supporting documentation needed to register a new business.

Register your business

How to register a business online?

Financial results, bank account balances, payment statistic overview, your overdue obligations, largest suppliers and customers, planner, stock market transactions, cryptocurrency...

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How to use Proventum cloud office?

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How Proventum cloud office works

Have a look why Proventum is improving your business.


Basic functionalities

Simple software ajusted to all your needs.


Create invoices quickly and easily

Receiving invoices

Fast and easy booking invoices

Geenerating documents according the template

Generating legal documents according templates

Payroll calculation

Automatic payroll calculation

DMS (Receiving and processing of documentation)

Document administration

CRM (Managing Client Resources)

Client Resources managament


Secured and easy online payment

HR (Human resources)

Human resources Management


Accurate financial statements

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Timeline of our development


The idea of ​​developing Proventum


Funkcionalna desktop verzija


Ministry of Science Award for Innovation


First test for desktop version


Improved cloud office idea


Proventum cloud office

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Made for accounting

Proventum accounting allows you to stay up to date regarding legal changes and will therefore operate as directed. Proventum Accounting makes it possible to earn more with the assistace from business consulting, financial analysis and business support.

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